Thursday, January 18, 2007

Shabby Chic Sale...again!!

I can't believe it!! Yet another sale. Starting tomorrow until the 21st January 2007, there will be 25% - 50% off selected items. That's the problem really...what exactly are "selected items"?? I'm thinking of actually calling them up tomorrow to ask.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't be that fussed and would probably just pop over to have a look at what's up for offer, for want of something to do over the weekend, but being 36 weeks pregnant and expecting the baby to pop out anytime soon kinda puts me off from making an excursion to the Mall. Not only that, when I got the message in the car just now and exclaimed excitedly over it, the disapproving looks from the Hubby almost made me want to melt into the carseat. Hehe.

I'm pretty happy today though cos a shipment came in from Scrapping Gals and I have new books and magazines to read, new acrylic paints (MM glazes and metallics) to play with and a new font (Vixen) for my Quickutz. Hooray!!

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JazzScraps said...

It was great reading your blog!! I really need to push myself to add some more posts into mine. I have made several more layouts (1 was given away - never got to take a picture of it). I really do need to upload them into my blog and share with the rest of the scrapping community especially Brunei.