Wednesday, March 28, 2007

15% Storewide Sale at Scrapping Gals

There is an on-going storewide sale of 15% at Scrapping Gals which ends on the 31st March 2007. That's 15% off everything in the online store plus there is also a special Jolee's Boutique offer of buy 10 and get 1 free. Think I'll get me some Quickutz shapes. Hee.

If anyone wants to place an order with Scrapping Gals, let them know to send your order with Adeline's box (which leaves the 1st week of April) and what they will do is take off the shipping cost for your order so you will not be charged for shipping. When your order comes in, I'll give you a call to arrange a pick up of your order. Orders can be sent to Kuala Belait or Seria too if you live there since there is a SG Consultant there and they send boxes there too.

Mini Accordion Album

Last Wednesday 21st March, I attended the Mini Accordion Album class at Shabby Chic and had a nice time out away from home and the kids for awhile. The class didn't take long and my accordion album was finished in no time at all. This was my first class at making an album and hopefully it won't be my last...hint book anyone? :-)

The pages of the album was made from cutting a 12x12 piece of patterned paper into 2 strips and then sticking them together at its ends. The folds for the pages were made by scoring with a bone folder. Continuous Glue Lines adhesive (available at Shabby) was used to put the whole album together. The pages of the album was made from embossed paper and is perfect for a children album.

The covers for the album was made by using 2 pieces of 6x6 chipboard and covered with a different patterned paper. Shabby told me that the chipboard can be bought from Bismi or Active Art.

Below is the front of the finished album with the pages opened.

Ribbon (American Crafts) was stuck on the back cover of the album and the back page was then stuck over the ribbon so the album can be tied close using the ribbon. All materials were provided by Shabby including the pre-cut chipboard covers which made assembly of the album really fast and easy. Plus we could choose a coloured cardstock for matting our photos. I chose red but have yet to put my photos in. So watch this space for photos of the fully completed work. Hehe.

A big shout out to Shabby for letting me do the class on my own cos I could not find anyone else to go with me on a Weds afternoon and the minimum for the class was 2 persons.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mad Dinosaur Weekend

Ty had a long dinosaur weekend last week. It started with Jurassic Park:The Lost World on Friday night. He was fascinated with the dinosaurs as we've been reading about dinosaurs recently. He could not get enough of the T-Rex, Brachiosaurs, Triceratops and Raptors. On Saturday afternoon, he watched the repeated show and after it finished, he kept asking for "the dinosaurs". Then on Sunday night, Jurassic Park (the first instalment) was shown and wow did he love it.

After what was probably a dino sensory overload, it was still not enough. When my mom told him that he should eat more so that he can grow up to big and tall like his Papa, he said, "No, I want to grow up big like T-Rex". Oooeer...I think that could be a little too big for my liking but maybe its ok so long as his teeth don't grow to be as sharp. Hee.
Then yesterday, as we were getting ready to go to school he started telling my mom that the dinosaurs will eat Nana (my mom), Yeh-yeh (my dad), Ah Ku (my brother) and Aunty Lee (my mom's maid). So then my mom asks what about him and mummy (that's me) and he said, "Me will fight the dinosaurs like this". And he starts waving around a....bicycle pump! Oh yes...the most effective weapon against big scary dinos. Ty my saviour! Hahaha...what a scrapbook moment is what I say!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Chipboard Flourishes!

Confinement for me ended on the 24th February 2006 but I've hardly been anywhere, being stuck at home with an infant, a toddler and no maid. But really, going out with both boys on my own just doesn't appeal to me right now.

But on Wednesday night, news of Shabby Chic's new chipboards arrival was posted on their blog and all of a sudden I really needed contact lens solution from Standard Optic at The Mall...hey The Mall...isn't that where Shabby Chic is...hehehe. Made a mad dash there on Thursday afternoon with only a window of an hour cos my mom, who was babysitting, had an appointment. And look at what I bought...not a lot lah. Don't worry Hubby dearest...really not alot.

But yeeeaaa I finally got my hands on the Fancy Pants Biggest Board Chipboard Flourishes. I've always admired how Ruey uses flourishes and swirls on her LOs. They look so great. I got myself two Chatterbox mini albums for brag books. Can't wait to get started on them when I get back home on Tuesday.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Crop Nite at Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic had its first Crop Nite on Friday 2nd March and I think its safe to say that all had a great time! It ran from 6pm till 9pm and to be honest I didn't get much done. Was really busy chatting and being a general busybody into what everyone else was doing plus this was my first visit to Shabby since I got my 'get out of confinement' card last week and it was pure joy for me to be able to browse around the shop. Hee.

Team Harris below (see Black Diamonds for more) was really efficient and they finished a double LO properly within the given time.

Jazzscraps and I trying to focus on our respective projects...I think she managed to plan her LO at least. I only managed to cover an 8" chipboard letter H with pattern paper. I've got the big chipboard letters to spell 'HOME' and the instructions were to stick the patterned paper on the chipboard first and then cut off the excess with a craft knife. It was tough going tho cos I tended to slice up my chipboard edges instead. Jazzscraps then advised me to trace the outline of the letter on the paper with a pencil and then trim. Much easier and neater. I didn't even manage to put any embellishments on my letter. Hee. Luckily The Hubby didn't really ask what I had done at crop nite. I figure I can do another letter at the next crop nite. Haha.

What was the best part of the night...probably the shopping. Woohoo!!

Thanks Shabby Chic for the wonderful time!!