Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cardstock sale at Shabby Chic

I got a text last nite telling me that Shabby Chic is starting a sale on all their Bazzill cardstock from today till the 12th January 2007. For a minimum of 10 pieces, one can get 10% off. VIP members get an additional 5% off. Check out for more details.

I made VIP membership on my birthday last month and that entitled me to 20% off everything in the shop. Needless to say I spent over an hour there and went home with a shopping receipt about 5 feet long. Haha. Luckily the Hubby did not come along.

So its a Saturday today and you will be sure to see me at Shabby Chic after lunch. I've always said it and I'll say it can never have enough cardstock in every colour. I hope the sale also applies to the Bling Cardstock packs. Love them!!


Another Sleepless Night said...

Just got home from Shabby Chic! Yes the discount applies to the Bling Cardstock!! Got the Diva bling pack and other Bazzil cardstock. Plus other other stuff.

Big Mistake to bring Hubby and kids but we just had our Saturday lunch so had no choice! So I didnt have much time to browse.

Sale on Sidekick and Sizzlits Alphabets too..just got extra sidekick cutting pad.

I think I need to go again WITHOUT the hubby and kid.

Scrapper-holic said...

I took some more Bling Cardstock as well as all the white cardstock available (only 38 sheets left in the whole store). Haha yes I'm a sucker for white.

The Hubby had a last minute meeting so i managed to go on my own with Ty in tow. Good thing too cos i ended up buying 5 sheets of every colour except black cos it's not textured. hehe. Now all i've got to do is hide the stuff before the Hubby gets back.

Ruey said...

Wow...sounds like it was a good sale! Wish I could go as well. I'm a sucker for white (& black) cardstock as well.....and my other fav is Green Tea (non linen texture tho)...I seriously start to panic when I am low on those. Oh...other favs are the Kraft and shopping bag and the browns. ok....better just tell u which colours I don't like..may be faster that

Rhona said...

Good words.