Sunday, January 07, 2007

Little Braveheart

The Hubby was a star today. He pulled out the camera and my album and went off to take pictures of some other layouts that I have done. Unfortunately, the camera battery was low. By the time the battery had charged, it was close to noon and the weather had turned a little grey. Nevertheless, he went to his usual spot on the balcony to catch the natural light. And we almost lost a layout!! Wah I think his heart must have stopped when the wind almost blew the page off the balcony. Hahaha and it is a page with a giant button sewn on it. He reckons that without the button, the page would have gone a flying for sure! Whew!!

I really like these photos of Ty. He literally had crayon marks all over his face, on his tongue and teeth and all over his fingers. The shock I had when I saw his face was almost akin to the shock I got when he poured an entire container of Bicarbonate Soda into his mouth and started frothing. This was when he was about a year plus. That was definitely not a time for pictures.

Materials: Textured Cardstock and Button: Bazzill Basics Paper; Patterned Cardstock: Daisy Ds; Alphabet Stickers: Pure Juice for Memories Complete; Ribbon Brads: Making Memories; Woven label: MAMBI; Embroidery Floss: DMC; Ink: Tim Holtz Distress Ink (Antique Linen); Font: Couriers New and Comic Sans.

I learnt a new thing with this layout. NEVER EVER PRINT YOUR JOURNALING ON TEXTURED CARDSTOCK WITH A LASER PRINTER. You would have thought that the quality of print would be much better if you use a laser printer. Funnily enough the laser ink does not stay on textured cardstock. Run your fingers over the print and the ink comes off!! Most annoying!! I couldn't be bothered to waste any more cardstock so I just used what I had. My sister-in-law, BY, said that the rubbed off ink adds to the distressed effect but I just worry my journaling will disappear. Eeps!

I also went a little mad in trying to complete this layout. I had everything glued on except the giant button. It was the last thing that needed to be done and I just wanted to complete it! At home, I realized that I did not have any orange thread for the button. I tried clear glue but it showed through. Blaah!! My mother-in-law does lots of quilting so I nicked a roll of orange thread from her but thread is too thin for such a big button. I needed embroidery floss and fast.

The next day at work, all i could think of getting out and buying floss. I knew there was a shop behind the IBB Carpark in town that sells floss for cross-stitching. At noon I walked over but the shop had closed!! Grrrrrr. Called LJ (who does cross-stitching) and asked if Hua Ho Yayasan would sell any and she said I had to go to Hokko in Kiulap or go to her place in Madang as she has loads. She was home for lunch but i thought, nah I'll never make it all the way to Madang then back home to do my layout if i wanted to be back in the office by half 1. It was already 12.15pm when i zoomed off to Kiulap. Lucky for me it was December and school was out so there was no traffic. Got the orange floss, zoomed back home to Subok, had Indomie for lunch and sewed the button on. Voila, my layout was done and I even managed to get back to the office at half 1. Whew! Talk about obsessed. Hee.

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