Thursday, April 26, 2007

Quickutz Galore!

Finally the box from Scrapping Gals arrived! We've been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting (I think you get the drift) for this box which left the USA on the 4th April 2007. Normally it only takes a week to arrive but this time we had to wait 3 weeks. Turns out the box arrived on the 10th April but was held up by customs cos it arrived badly damaged. The thing is they didn't send any notification of arrival card and if JG hadn't gone to the Post Office to ask for it, I'm not sure that they would ever have sent word. I'm still not entirely sure of the Post Office's rationale of keeping silent about the box for 2 weeks.

Anyway, a million thanks must go out to JG cos he had to sneak out of the office to get the box. You're a STAR! Woohoo and look at what arrived...loads of Quickutz fonts and die shapes for me!!

All these were bought during SG's 15% storewide sale last month. 15% savings on all QK stuff...what an opportunity not to be missed!! I bought some animal and dino dies cos I would like to start on a dino page for Ty and maybe scrap the zoo pictures from last year (inspired by Scrappaway's mini zoo album).

I had long debated over which Die-cut tool to get and finally settled for a Quickutz ("QK") last year mainly for its portability...not that I would wanna cart it around with me cos it turns out to be a little heavy.

The only drawback with a QK squeeze is that the size of your dies (and therefore the size of your fonts and shapes) is limited to a 2x2. But then they came up with the Revolution....

The Revolution solves the size limitations of the QK so it is safe to say that I already have something else on my wish-list now....hehehe.

Oh and I just had to post this picture of Ty monkeying around. We tried to get him to lie in a sexy pose but I guess the "I feel sleepy" pose will do for now. Haha. I'm gonna have to keep the dino dies away from him as he already thinks they all naturally belong to him.


JazzScraps said...

Oh!! So nice all the dies!! Ya! I saw the Revolution!! Nice eh!! Hmmm....(itching now to include that in my wishlist too!! he! he!)

Pandachu said...

I saw a Dino punch at Hua Ho n was going to tell u abt it but since u got this need la. Ty is so cute in that pic!

JG said...

Im so gonna raid your place n use ur QK... they look fun!!!

Danura said...

oh yummy stuff you got there! I love to get my hands on those die cut tools. Prob will have to save abit for those babies. i told beau not to buy me any pressies for my birthday cos hes all out for my HK yoga trip in June (yipeeee!). Its one or the other. Cant have em all ladies!