Thursday, April 12, 2007

H's farewell party and gift

Friday 6th April 2006 was the date for H's farewell dinner. Organized by JG and a good time was had by all. The food was yummy...well it looked yummy but I'm sure it tasted yummy too. It was Good Friday and a 'no meat' day for me so I didn't have any but pictures had to be taken. Maybe a food LO for H to commemorate that night?? Hehe. There was coffee lambchops (I may go back to try this dish), butter prawns, juicy looking chicken and my all time favourite, the salad cakoi with stuffed prawns!! Drool. (N.B - Panda you probably recognize the food eh)

So after dinner, H was presented with his farewell gift made especially by JG, who has so generously allowed me to post pics of it here. Thanks JG. Below is just a teaser actually as I need to wait for The Hubby to edit the photos for me properly to show the whole LO. But suffice to say, I think it looked great and it allowed the colleagues in the office to post farewell notes for H which he can remember 4eva.

The coloured cardstock was made to resemble little Post It notes. Brilliant huh! They were attached to the LO with brads and looks so real. Loving the idea JG!!


Pandachu said...

Tee hee I do recognise the food and the LO is looking very clever...Is JG who I think he is? That amazingly creative scrapper who's shy? :P

Ruey said...

omg...u have me droooling!!! coffee lambchops??? it sounds like such a strange combination...but oh sooo yum!!! And the butter prawns....slurp!!!!

Congrats to JG on such a great innovative idea!!!

JazzScraps said...

Definitely BRILL idea JG! I'd never thought of that!!

Way to go!!