Sunday, April 01, 2007

Check out Laine's Papeterie online!

For all those who used to, and still do, scrapbook shopping whenever you go to Singapore, I'm sure you've all been to Laine's Papeterie in Wheelock Place (3rd Floor same as Birkenstock). Well check it out...they now have a website and best of all...a blog that will showcase all the new and exciting arrivals that they get every week. Imagine scrapbook stuff that comes in EVERY WEEK! Thank goodness I don't live in Singapore. I would be bankrupt in no time!!

Laine's really hip and happening now. I went to Singapore in Sept 2005 for a girly weekend and my ex-colleague who was there for the 2nd half of her patent drafting course showed me an article in SHAPE magazine featuring Elaine and Laine's Papeterie. Yup you read it right...SHAPE magazine...a mag for exercise and keeping fit that did a short review of a scrapbooking shop. And my friend who was into keeping fit and healthy bought the mag, showed me the article when I got to her room and I was at Laine's almost immediately. I must have spent like 3 hours in that shop and when I left, there was a $800++ dent put on my then basic credit card, I made instant VIP member with immediate discount given and made friends with Elaine and Sharon, who remember me...the girl from Brunei...whenever I visit the shop. Haha. On my last visit to Singapore in September 06, I even met Elaine at the Zoo and I was like gee who is this lady...look so familiar. Then when she says hello and asks if I've been to the shop clicked...oh ya...Elaine!!

I think my best visit was last year in May 06 when I was on transit to Cambodia. I popped into the shop with my trolley bag, told Sharon I only had 45 mins before I had to leave for the airport and still managed to leave with a $500++ bill and a super heavy trolley bag!! Whew...its a good thing their shop space is not that big else I might have missed my connecting flight. :-)

Newsletters from Laine's used to sign off with only 2 names (Elaine and Sharon) and now its signed off with 7 names. Its amazing to see how they have grown in just 2 short years! Not only that, they have a new space opening soon that's 1000sq ft big. I checked with The Dude and that's 2 and a half times bigger than my parent's den where we watch tv. Jazz...that's HUGE isn't it and can accomodate classes for 20 people!! I'm not entirely sure of the location of Laine's Designer Studio (somewhere in the east of Singapore or is there a mall called East?) but be sure that I will visit when I'm next in Singapore!


JazzScraps said...

Oooh! ooh! Am so gonna check out the Studio when I'm in Singapore next! 1000 sq ft. is so much bigger than their current space at Wheelock.

Pandachu said...

I cannot...I must not....sigh...have already spent a fortune on scrapbooking stuff this month...its a fortune for me anyway :(