Friday, April 06, 2007

Maya Angelou

When I was in University, I picked up a couple of books by Maya Angelou and was immediately hooked. They were a series of autobiographical books and her prose really touched me.

I found this poem/quote by her on a birthday card belonging to one of my colleagues who had it displayed on her desk and it really touched me particularly at this stage in my life. I was thinking of using the quote in a LO to remind me to basically LOVE LIFE!!

Love life,

engage in it,

give it all you've got.

Love it

with a passion

because life truly does

give back;

many times over,

what you

put into it.

by Maya Angelou

1 comment:

princess said...

Ooooh, have you read them all? I've only managed to read 'I know why the cage bird sings'. Strong woman.