Monday, August 27, 2007

Laine's Designer Studio Class - Bits

On my last trip to Singapore, I finally managed to join a class at Laine's Papeterie for the first time. It was their Designer Studio Class and was entitled BITS. For the price of $58, you get enough class materials for two LOs. The class moved at a real fast pace and I was hard pressed to keep up with the instructions being given out by Betty. The good thing was that it was the last class of the month and there were only 3 people in it. So there was plenty of space to spread your stuff around cos as most people who've been to Laine's know, their classroom is pretty small.

I eventually had to leave with one LO about half finished and the second with only the basics completed. I had a great time though and learnt a lot. The class, in line with its title, BITS, teaches you to use bits of everything. From bits of paper and foam to bits of ribbon, cardstock and string.

The class sample LOs were designed by Sharon. I simply adore the first one below. The flower shapes' outlines were traced from Fancy Pants Big Board Chipboard and cut out by hand. I learnt what a running stitch is (ya my knowledge of sewing is sorely lacking) and for the first time inked the edges of my paper inking sponge...LOL. I always inked the edges of my paper directly from the ink pad but am now converted to using a sponge. Ranger sells the sponge in one whole piece which you can cut up into little pieces. I bought a pack of cosmetic sponges from Watsons which work just as well.

Almost all the materials came with the class kit apart from the chipboard alphas which were my own. But Laine's class sample used the same exact one. I used a lot less embellishments but only cos my photo was wide, giving me less space for embellishments. I also used less ribbon on my LO but only because I like a cleaner look.
The title 'Its a boy' was my SIL2's suggestion and it suited the LO perfectly cos the photo is of Jay at about 2 months and everyone says he looks like a girl. And I gotta admit, when he was born, a lot of people said that same thing and when I show people this photo, they all think its a baby girl. Eeps!! He's boy boy boy...just a bit of a pretty boy. LOL.

The second LO was much simpler. We used up one whole piece of cardstock by punching out circles and then overlaying them a la fishscale style. Love this effect. The green and yellow dots are punched out foam circles and these were painstakingly glued down with the help of MM tweezers and GLOO.

And this is the reason I love scrapbooking. I had completely forgotten that Ty used to love tearing up paper when he was about a year old until The Dude gave me these photos. We used to give him old newspapers and he would busy himself by tearing them up to shreds. It would keep him busy and out of mischief for at least half an hour. His hands got awfully dirty but for some moments of peace, it was worth it. I guess we were just lucky he was not in the habit of stuffing things down his mouth. It really makes me feel glad that I can scrapbook this little bit of history for Ty to see and read about when he's older. :-)


Ruey said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time at Laine's. The Bits class sounds like a fabulous idea. Totally love both layouts but I have to admit....the mobile paper shredder gave me such a big grin. Ty is soooo the look on his face when he was shredding.

JazzScraps said...

Ooh!!! FANTASTIC LOs!! Both are just fab looking...

Love Ty as the 'mobile paper shred-der'!

Pandachu said...

I have to say your recent work has really advanced. I love the colours and effects you used in these 2 LO's! Congrats!

Wati Basri said...

btw...when u come to SG again..let me know, we can meet up :)

Ian said...

hi Adeline,

its song2 in Vancouver, just dropping by to say hi.

just thought id share some of the work sandy, my gf, does.

i've only recently started taking pictures of her stuff tho so the portfolio is pretty small.

im sure she would love to hear ur thoughts on her stuff.