Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ruey's Kit Part III

This is the last page from Ruey's Kit. I say it is the last page because I did not do the 4th LO as I used the paper allocated for that on another LO.

This was my first time at actually carving out patterns from a PP. Doing this LO has changed my way of thinking whenever I see PPs now - to see the potential of the individual patterns instead of the paper as a whole. I've also noticed that it has become quite a trend for scrappers worldwide to carve out the patterns as well. This star patterned paper was pretty easy to cut out but I've also discovered that I'm not very handy when it comes to using a craft knife.

All Materials from Ruey's Kit.

Again my attempts at using the Kindy Glitz was rather disasterous in my book. If there is one thing I hate it is inconsistencies when creating a pattern, especially when it has to be in a straight line with preferably the same size and spacing. Humph!

I also had to swap the patterned stars and my journaling block to the top of the page cos my title was too long. It took a bit of arranging to get everything to fit nicely. I'm really happy with the result though, as I was quite glad not to have to compromise on my chosen title.

On a separate note, I managed to find dinosaur PP at Laine's on my last trip. I've collected a pretty fair amount of dino material so far but have yet to do a page on Ty's dino-mania. It has not abated as yet and if anything, his obsession is as strong as ever. I suppose it does not help that we read about dinosaurs everyday before bedtime and that Ty owns at least 12 different books on dinos. At school, his teachers are calling him "Tyler-saurus". I thought that was just too cute!! And on our way to school earlier this week, I asked him why he liked dinosaurs so much and he answered "Because I don't like Barney". LOL...that really cracked me up. Of course I had to tell him that Barney is a kind of dinosaur too...just a purple one that can sing and dance. And to think he used to be obsessed about Barney just one year ago. Wonder what it'll be next year.


Ruey said...

ooooh....your layout looks fabulous!!! Really love your title, journalling and re-arrangement. Glad that you have enjoyed doing the layouts with my kit. The next one will be out in the next couple of weeks...not long now!!

Pandachu said...

This is lovely and Ty is just too cute for words!

JazzScraps said...

Hey! You did well with the Kindy Glitz!! The overall LO looks wonderful!!

Di Hickman said...

Hey there! thanks for the blog comment on the uhu glues. I just double checked my bottle and it hasn't got any small print on the back. Maybe you saw a different bottle? Definitely no small print saying "not for photo's" on my twist n glue.
UHU also does a scrapbookers glue pen that works well too. I used all mine but I used this ON photo's and mine are still 100% ok.
Hope this helps!