Saturday, September 22, 2007


Wow it has been a long long time since I last blogged. Been pretty busy at work and so addicted to Facebook that I don't seem to have found much time to scrap *smack wrist*. Plus my scrap room was such a mess from my last trip to Singapore that it just didn't inspire any creativity. I had stuff all over the floor, table and chair till there was no place to sit let alone scrap...LOL. So I'm just showing something old...when creativity was low.

Materials:- Textured Cardstock: Bazzill Basics; Patterned Paper and rub-on: Basic Grey; Chipboard Swirls: Fancy Pants Design and Maya Road; Rub-on title: Making Memories; Ink: Tim Holtz Distress Ink; Pen: Zig Millenium.

I didn't really like this picture cos the colour seemed a bit off. Simple and plain work and finally got to use some swirls (which I can't seem to stop buying). Used only Basic Grey PP with simple layering. The only fun thing I did was use my Sew Crafty machine by Provo Craft for the first time. I got it from P2P before Mummy Chan sold it and it actually doesn't work the way its supposed to...well I couldn't get it to work as it should. I had to use the manual roller to make it work. But the stitches were great and the machine was very easy to use. It sure beats handstitching and the time it would have taken!!

Its Kiddie Hash weekend this week and I think the whole family is really looking forward to it. We've all got our shoes (football boots actually) and cheap tracksuit bottoms so we're much better prepared this time. I'm hoping the weather will remain dry so the hash won't be muddy. Tee-hee...ya ya I know hashing is supposed to be a 'get dirty activity'...well not for me if I can help it. Ty loves going as he gets to play with stones, sticks and sand...his 3 favourite outdoor material. The hash is open to anyone who's interested (starts at 4pm) and I heard we will be at 'Diplo' this time (near the Culture Youth & Sports Building). Some people bring their babies in backpack carriers and this just amazes me cos the babies plus carrier must weigh quite a bit. If anyone is interested, let me know and I can give you the contact of someone who would know more about the Kiddie Hash.


Pandachu said...

I did a run at Diplo some years ago with my dad and some other family and again a couple of years back for the Malaysian National Day Hash. Tough course but now frequented by hashers. Its great fun at the end of the day!

Pandachu said...

Btw, love wat U did with the chipboard swirls...I havent used my sewing machine either :p Did u use their thread?

aidan said...

is she still selling the mini sewing machine? hw much was it?

Scrapper-holic said...

Panda: The short run for the Diplo course was rather disappointing - very flat terrain and just kinda one around the area. Hope next one will be more fun. Thnks for ur comment on the swirls. Covered them in Basic Grey too. And ya I used the thread that came wit the sew crafty. Didn't bother changing threads. Should've gone around twice cos you can't really see the stitches.

Hi Aidan: The Sew Crafty was really affordable I thought. About $20 something. Can't remember price off the top of my head but had one. Check them out.