Thursday, March 08, 2007

Crop Nite at Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic had its first Crop Nite on Friday 2nd March and I think its safe to say that all had a great time! It ran from 6pm till 9pm and to be honest I didn't get much done. Was really busy chatting and being a general busybody into what everyone else was doing plus this was my first visit to Shabby since I got my 'get out of confinement' card last week and it was pure joy for me to be able to browse around the shop. Hee.

Team Harris below (see Black Diamonds for more) was really efficient and they finished a double LO properly within the given time.

Jazzscraps and I trying to focus on our respective projects...I think she managed to plan her LO at least. I only managed to cover an 8" chipboard letter H with pattern paper. I've got the big chipboard letters to spell 'HOME' and the instructions were to stick the patterned paper on the chipboard first and then cut off the excess with a craft knife. It was tough going tho cos I tended to slice up my chipboard edges instead. Jazzscraps then advised me to trace the outline of the letter on the paper with a pencil and then trim. Much easier and neater. I didn't even manage to put any embellishments on my letter. Hee. Luckily The Hubby didn't really ask what I had done at crop nite. I figure I can do another letter at the next crop nite. Haha.

What was the best part of the night...probably the shopping. Woohoo!!

Thanks Shabby Chic for the wonderful time!!


JazzScraps said...

For the next crop nite I'll be in that same location as the one in the pic i.e. in front of the counter paying for my purchases!! He! He!

Pandachu said...

When is it scheduled for lagi ah? Still 28th or did they think of changing it?