Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tag You're It

I woke up on Tuesday and went thru the list of blogs that I regularly visit and saw that bling bling Black Diamonds (who does really great digital scrapping) got tagged. It was not an easy tag...I mean 6 weird things about yourself...wah that's hard! Then you gotta tag 6 other people. So there I was happily reading Black Diamonds' tag and making a mental note never to stand too close to her while she's drinking beer. At the end she tagged 6 people and strangely enough I saw my name. Now there are lots of other people out there with the same name as I, so being curious and wondering who this other person is, I clicked on the name and my blog page came up. HUH??!! Double check lagi and omigawd, she's tagged me. Alamak...6 weird things about myself...gosh...this is hard.

The rules are:

"Those who get tagged must post 6 weird things about themselves in their blog and state the rules clearly. At the end of the post, you must choose 6 other people to tag"
So here goes:-
  1. If I catch sight of a mosquito in a room, I will automatically start itching all over even tho I've not been bitten and won't be able to relax until the dreaded blood-sucker is squashed dead;
  2. My pillow is sacrosanct! No one is allowed to use it...yes not even The Hubby cos he has really oily skin and Ty is yelled at and shoved off each time he puts his feet on it;
  3. I'm very very and I mean very fussy with my bath towel. One side is to be used specifically to dry my hair and upper body while the other side must only be used to dry the lower half and God help anyone who messes with my towel (The Hubby and Ty included);
  4. When I buy toiletries, I buy in bulk to "keep stock". My bathroom is full of stuff like shower gels, face scrubs, body scrubs, shampoo. I do use them but once I get to the last bottle, it is always saved for a rainy day and ends up not ever getting used...sayang bah and so the collection grows;
  5. I like buying snacks, crisps and biscuits but never eat them. They get stacked up in a basket beside the tv until its long past their expiry date and then get chucked out by my really annoyed Hubby;
  6. I never open my mail. All my personal mail still goes to my parents house and my mom passes them on to me regularly. When I get home, they just get tossed into whichever pile is convenient until its spring cleaning time. And yes, this again annoys the hell out of The Hubby.

So there, 6 weird things about myself. Actually, I don't consider them that weird but The Hubby seems to think so. He is the one that listed No. 3-6 for me cos I really couldn't think of anything.

Ok so now I tag Jazzscraps, Sleepless, Scrappaway, Ruey, Pandachu and Mr. Pablo. Get to it guys! :-)


blackdiamonds said...

Isn't this fun! I now know you're a toiletry hoarder like me. God forbid I run out of mascara just when I need my 10th coat?

I also buy tons of stuff to keep for "in case of emergency' pressies. The Emergency stash is now the size of santa's sack. When's your birthday? I give you a stack of stuff!

Scrapper-holic said...

Hehe toiletry hoarder...i like that term. Ya i'm always afraid of running out esp for stuff you can't buy in Brunei. The number of H2O shower gel tubes i have...Hee.

My birthday is at the end of the year - xmas eve. So pls reserve the best from your stash. Haha. xoxo

Sleepless said...

Oh dear....this might take a while...6 weird things about me...only 6??? heheheheh....