Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mad Dinosaur Weekend

Ty had a long dinosaur weekend last week. It started with Jurassic Park:The Lost World on Friday night. He was fascinated with the dinosaurs as we've been reading about dinosaurs recently. He could not get enough of the T-Rex, Brachiosaurs, Triceratops and Raptors. On Saturday afternoon, he watched the repeated show and after it finished, he kept asking for "the dinosaurs". Then on Sunday night, Jurassic Park (the first instalment) was shown and wow did he love it.

After what was probably a dino sensory overload, it was still not enough. When my mom told him that he should eat more so that he can grow up to big and tall like his Papa, he said, "No, I want to grow up big like T-Rex". Oooeer...I think that could be a little too big for my liking but maybe its ok so long as his teeth don't grow to be as sharp. Hee.
Then yesterday, as we were getting ready to go to school he started telling my mom that the dinosaurs will eat Nana (my mom), Yeh-yeh (my dad), Ah Ku (my brother) and Aunty Lee (my mom's maid). So then my mom asks what about him and mummy (that's me) and he said, "Me will fight the dinosaurs like this". And he starts waving around a....bicycle pump! Oh yes...the most effective weapon against big scary dinos. Ty my saviour! Hahaha...what a scrapbook moment is what I say!


JazzScraps said...

Sounds like another scrapping LO to me!!
Syafiee is also a dino freak but his questions are undoubtedly more advanced even for me!! One day he asked me, "Mama! What period do we live in? You know like Jurassic kah...or Triassic..."
There are so many funny "intellectual" sayings from Syafiee but I just can't seem to quickly jot it down for them to be used on future LOs. I've to make it a habit to always do it...yes, I should!!

blackdiamonds said...

Dinosaurs! That's a new one. I know of a certain little boy who wants to grow up to be Lightning McQueen and a little girl who wants to grow up to be ME! ME! ME! Yes, I'm a modest being :p

yu'er said...

believe or not, my girls are also dino fans, we have the collections of those movies in DVD, VCD and even LD! They will watch them again and again.

Scrapper-holic said...

Jazz: Can use the blog to note journaling stuff down. Esp if you hve easy access to the net. I always write stuff down in a diary but nvr open it. Hee.

Black Diamonds: hehe i can't wait till you have a daughter of your own!

Yu'er: The Hubby has d/loaded the movies liao which is good cos Ty asks for it everyday now. hehe.

Pandachu said...

Be sure to catch some scrapping moments on his new "in" thing!!

blackdiamonds said...

You want a mini-ME?? Check out Jenn & Kevin's daughter Amber hehehehe - ME in training.