Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mini Accordion Album

Last Wednesday 21st March, I attended the Mini Accordion Album class at Shabby Chic and had a nice time out away from home and the kids for awhile. The class didn't take long and my accordion album was finished in no time at all. This was my first class at making an album and hopefully it won't be my last...hint book anyone? :-)

The pages of the album was made from cutting a 12x12 piece of patterned paper into 2 strips and then sticking them together at its ends. The folds for the pages were made by scoring with a bone folder. Continuous Glue Lines adhesive (available at Shabby) was used to put the whole album together. The pages of the album was made from embossed paper and is perfect for a children album.

The covers for the album was made by using 2 pieces of 6x6 chipboard and covered with a different patterned paper. Shabby told me that the chipboard can be bought from Bismi or Active Art.

Below is the front of the finished album with the pages opened.

Ribbon (American Crafts) was stuck on the back cover of the album and the back page was then stuck over the ribbon so the album can be tied close using the ribbon. All materials were provided by Shabby including the pre-cut chipboard covers which made assembly of the album really fast and easy. Plus we could choose a coloured cardstock for matting our photos. I chose red but have yet to put my photos in. So watch this space for photos of the fully completed work. Hehe.

A big shout out to Shabby for letting me do the class on my own cos I could not find anyone else to go with me on a Weds afternoon and the minimum for the class was 2 persons.


yu'er said...

ah yah, I didn't make it coz I couldn't find anyone else. I should ask you then! So, you can teach me sometime...ha ha!

Pandachu said...

Haha, now I no need to go to the class liao! But I might go just for the sake of it :)

Cant wait to see ur finished product!

Shaz said...

I can't wait to see you post the finished album!! Its always fun making mini albums! No matter what kind you're making..cheers!

JazzScraps said...

Ooh!!! Can't wait to see your completed work! I'm now more inspired to make a mini-album! I may try one day!

Pandachu said...

I kepo go look at chipboard at Bismi in Delima just now. Only saw the really big sheets for $4.20. Guess we can ask them to cut up but then didnt see raw chipboard only coloured ones *scratches head*

Sleepless said...

For starbook'd have to wait for Shaz to come down to Brunei! hehehehe...Im just a student still referring to her notes!

Pandachu..Yup..I use those big "coloured mounting boards" from Bismi or Mubarak and cut them into whatever size I want.