Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Importance of Being Sticky

Without adhesives/glue, scrapbooking would not be possible. Adhesives are really important and I thought it would be worth blogging about the many different types of adhesives there are in the market. Many beginner scrappers do not realize the value of adhesives and how many different types are actually available. You can get both permanent and repositionable adhesives.

When i do a page, I can use as many as 4 different types of adhesives. That's on one single page!! Different elements on your page may require different adhesives to make sure they stay on your page properly. Of course it is perfectly alright to use just one type of adhesive and i would recommend roller tape glue. It looks like correction tape and is really easy to use. Shabby Chic at The Mall sells the Tombow brand for $3.20. I am currently using the Pritt brand as seen below. I use the roller tape glue primarily for sticking my patterned paper onto my pages.

I use photo mounts when sticking my photos on mats on on my page. There's no actual "sticky" reason as to why i use photo mounts for my photos other than i find it is cheap to buy. But I also do think that they hold my photos better. The ones i use are from Australia.
Other types of adhesives that i use are photo corners (for things that i do not want permanently stuck on my page. I have used photo corners as a decorative element too. If i find that i do not have the right colour for my page, all I do is take out my acrylic paints and paint my photo corners the exact colour i want. Photo corners can come in many different types of style and colour. The ones in the photo are basic ones which comes in clear, white, gold, silver and black. Big name manufacturers like Making Memories and Heidi Swapp also make their own stylish ones like woven and metal corners. These do not actually hold the photo but only gives an aesthetic effect.

Glue Dots are another great type of adhesive. Glue Dots describe the adhesive and is also the actual brand name too. They come in a 3 types of sizes (2 of which are shown here). They have also produced Continuous Glue Lines, Pop-Up Dots and Vellum Dots. The box packaging shown here is the old type. New packaging comes in flat plastic packs which are much easier to store. Glue Dots are really sticky so make sure you position your photo or embellishment in the right spot cos there is no turning back without doing some sort of damage to your page at the very least.

The Glue Dots shown above are the Memory Book Dots (medium sized), Mini Dots and Glue Lines.

Vellum glue is also a must have if you like working with Vellum paper which is akin to tracing paper except it is of thicker quality and has a kind of sheen on one side of it. Normal glue will show right through the vellum so it is imperative that the right glue is used. I use Scotch 3M Vellum tape as seen below but my sister-in-law and cousin have both told me that it also does show through their vellum after awhile. I myself have not had a problem with them but the Vellum Dots produced by Glue Dots advertises itself as the only vellum glue in the market that does not show AT ALL!!

If you like using liquid glue, there is also the ZIG 2-Way Liquid Glue made by Kuretake. These come in 3 types of pens. Fine tip, medium tip (which is like a flourescent marker pen) and the super fat tip. Only the first 2 are shown below. The Fine tip glue pen is pretty nifty for small die cuts. They are called 2-Way glue because they can be both permanent and repositionable. Leave it to dry slightly before putting it on your page and it becomes repositionable meaning you can pull off the element easily and stick it elsewhere. Attach the element to your page while the glue is still wet and its becomes permanent.

If you want incredibly super sticky glue then the Terrifically Tacky Tape by Provo Craft is the one for you. I found these in Singapore at www.pictures2pages.com and fell in love with them instantly. They come in 3 width sizes and are completely worth the money you pay. It works like double sided tape and is clear so you could also stick glitter and small beads on them.

If you want to give your element or embellishment a 3-D effect then use Pop-Up Dots, 3D Dots or foam tape. You can get normal Scotch 3M brand of foam tape from anywhere like Hua Ho or Utama Grand but these are not acid or lignen free so i would be careful when using them near your photos. I am using Francheville Foam Tape at the moment but 3D Dots (see below) are more widely available in all scrapbooking shops or online sites. Shabby Chic now sells the Pop-Up Dots (Glue Dots brand).

The last type of adhesive I use is the Xyron Create A Sticker Maker. I absolutely love this!! Xyron produces these sticker makers in all sorts of sizes but i find the 150 model the easiest to carry around. I use it to make my die cut alphabets or pictures into stickers cos sometimes trying to glue little alphabets onto your page can be fiddly. I have also found that using the Xyron for ribbon is fantastic. Just run your ribbon through the Xyron and voila, your ribbon becomes like a sticker which makes it a breeze to stick on your page.

You could also use the basic glue stick which looks like the standard UHU Glue stick. I find that these do not stick as well as other glues but they are really cheap and widely available in Brunei. I have found the AMOS brand selling in Hua Ho and Bismi.

So the next time you go to Shabby Chic or browse through an online scrapping site, check out the adhesives section. And now hopefully you will know which type of glue to get to best suit your scrapping needs!

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