Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Its been ages...

since my last post. Its been ages since I last scrapped. I kinda felt like a 'pause' button had been pushed on my life since then. But a couple of noteworthy good things did happen such as:-

1) I got the surprise of my life when I went to Shabby for their 1st Anniversary sale and got given the Sizzix Big Shot as a gift!! I mean WOW!!! It was the last thing I expected and it is definitely fabulous!! A zillion thanks to the Shabby crew!!

2) I went on a short getaway to Bali with The Hubby and had a great time away. We stayed in a private villa that came with a private pool. We stayed away from the beach and went on a spa spree instead. If ever in Bali, try out the Dala Spa which is located in the Villa de daun - a fabulous little hideaway smack right in the middle of Kuta. The most exotic spa I've ever been to. We got the Cattleya room and it was every bit as luxurious as it looks.

3) I won a RAK from Yu'er (which I have yet to pick bad). My first ever RAK which is a cool thing.

4) Last but not least, I got given another fabulous gift by a cool scrapping friend from Singapore. This I only found out about last night and it sure made me a happy scrapper. Coffee Beans gave me a big letter A and the word C.R.E.A.T.E which are all by Provo Craft. How cool is that. The letters are white (primed for immediate altering), made from mdf and are a solid half inch or so thick. Love ya CB!!

I'm now on leave till the end of the month which is great. My eczema is slowly clearing up and I hope to start scrapping again but am more focused on spending some quality time with the boys first.

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Pandachu said...

Glad things are looking up! Merry Christmas!!