Friday, December 21, 2007


EDIT: The shoulder tote has been sold.

I've got 2 shoulder scrap totes and too many acrylic blocks, some of which are still in it original packaging and never opened yet. The Hubby has been complaining about the amount of stuff I have so I've decided to try and divest myself of some items. Up for grabs is my first scrap tote by GENERATIONS. It is black in colour with a blue trim and very sturdy in construction. Lots of pockets with a generous space inside for an album and lots of paper. Original price was about B$150 but its now for sale for B$100 only. It is only 2 years old but has hardly been used at all. It is in pristine condition apart from being a little dusty from being neglected by me.

The tote has a loop at the back for securing onto a trolley bag or a wheeled tote. The front has a zip down pocket which opens to reveal lots of pen/scissor loops, 2 zippered mesh pockets and 2 slot pockets. There is a 12x12 folder cum divider inside the main compartment which is removable and another slot pocket inside. And on the cover itself is another 2 zippered mesh pockets useful for storing regularly used stuff like brads and eyelets.

The tote is at Scrapbook Delights if anyone is interested in having a look at it.

I've also got a brand new pack of acrylic blocks by 7 Gypsies. Consists of 1 small and 1 large block. I've never even opened the pack so this is going for B$30 (reduced price) if anyone is interested. I had to fold the package for storage so it looks a little crumpled but its brand new and never used before.

If anyone is interested in the above do leave me a comment or a note in the C-box on with your name and contact number and I'll get in touch with you. Alternatively, you could email me at

Happy scrappin' to all!!!

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Pandachu said...

Is that all ur selling? LOL!