Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Daemon Avatar (non-scrap related)

Last week I went to Icklebooks and its owner recommended a book called The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman. And then an old friend of mine suggested I check out this link which is on her blog and whaddya know it's the link for The Golden Compass which has been made into a movie starring Nicole Kidman and yummy James Bond actor Daniel Craig...yes I'm a sucker for cool and suave men like Bond.

So I checked out my Daemon and it turns out looking like a...erm...dare I say...a rodent???!!! Heh its actually an ermine but sure looks like a rodent huh. Hmmmmm... so yeah I think I'll go read the book first. dr.rin, we'll discuss the books after we both finish reading ok!! Hehe.

So go ahead people and tell me if my daemon is really my match. Maybe I'll morph into something else.


WWG said...

Hi, Good photos, Good Blog !
Look from Quebec Canada

WWG :)

dr.rin (a.k.a. little.lin) said...

I think yours is sooo cute! And it's white as snow, haha! Your daemon is so much better than mine. It's gone back to its original un-cute canine form, it makes me wonder about my soul, hehe. Right, I'll get cracking at those books, I want to get the first book done before the movie's out, if not sooner! Btw, June's daemon has morphed into the same thing as yours, hehe. She might be happier with that, since she can't get over the fact that her initial form was a tiger! However, I think the big cat's extremely cool! Btw, Rozi did one too, it's on her blog (see my links). Later! xxx

Pandachu said...

Cool daemon...though I'm not sure abt the competitive part. I've read Philip Pullman's books...they really draw you in :)

june said...

Did yours test but the outcome is still the same! Hehehehe Cute rodent! Oppss....I meant..Cute ermine! *wink*

Watson Family said...

Something completetly ot, but I would like to contact you - can't seem to find any email address anywhere on your blog.
Just moved to Brunei, and am a scrap-geek too! Could need some hot tips, and maybe meet up, if interested? Would be nice to meet someone scrap-alike!
Please feel free to email me, on
Looking forward to hearing from you, Boel

Padian said...

I finally joinedin the cult of making a daemon... and... after answering questions, it came back the same... and so... This is the one ;)