Saturday, October 13, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya!!

SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all my muslim relatives and friends!!!

Its the start of a long holiday for me...hooray!! First we get a long weekend with Monday and Tuesday off, then it continues with my office being closed till Friday (forced leave with no complaints from me) then it continues some more with me taking a further 2 days off work!! Woohoo!! Oh joy!! Sadly, no overseas trips planned unless its a quick run to Miri. Can't do a quick couple get-away break as my mum has gone off to Perth and there's no one to baby-sit the boys.

I'm hoping to get into the scrapping groove again especially now that I've finished all 3 of Phillip Pullman's books. Turns out that a daemon (referring to my last post) is a person's soul...only its visible in an animal form and can talk to you. Quite a gripping tale and I zoomed through the first 2 books in a frenzy. Just couldn't put them down. Book 3 (The Amber Spyglass) was a little thicker and the plots a wee bit slower but that ended last nite and gee...I was literally in tears over the sad-ish ending. I love the fantasy genre for magic, mystery and lots of good old fashion fighting. None of that sci-fi stuff for me and Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials are one of the best reads I've had in a long time. Thanks to Icklebooks for introducing it to me.

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* Dream Weaver * said...

I want to read this trilogy as well and can't wait for the movie :) Hope its not a let down.