Thursday, November 16, 2006

Scrapping magazines

The best place in Brunei where you can buy scrapbook magazines is in Booker International in Gadong. Without fail every month, they will have a couple of copies of Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooking and Beyond and other British publications (sometimes there have Australian magazines too). Once they even had copies of Memory Makers. The unfortunate thing about Booker's magazine supply is that, as i was told by their staff, they do not have a say on which magazines they bring in. The selection is sent from Singapore with no input from Booker's staff.

I would buy Creating Keepsakes and Memory Makers whenever i come across them. But i've stopped buying Scrapbooking and Beyond as it does not quite fit my style of scrapbooking. The British publications are also not quite up to par but they often have freebies which makes them a tempting choice. Scrapbooks etc. is a pretty good magazine but hard to find. It is a really good buy as it is the only publication that costs less than $10. When i do by chance visit Paul and Elizabeth's Bookshop in Yayasan, i have found it on sale there but that's only 1 in maybe 5 visits if i'm really lucky.

What i do now is subscribe for my regular magazines thru Scrapping Gals. I only get 3 publications which are Creating Keepsakes, Paperkuts and my favourite, Simple Scrapbooks.

So check Booker out if you're interested in getting the magazines. Be warned though, they sell out pretty fast so be quick.