Sunday, November 26, 2006


My family held its 13th Annual Golf Tournament today at the RBGCC. The golfers played in the morning and the rest of the family met up for the luncheon which was at Grandstand 3 (a really great venue cos it is air-conditioned and large enough that we weren't all squashed together). It is always an occassion for fun and laughter as the family is quite extended and we do not really meet each other on a regular basis.

More often than not, i would have to ask who the little kids are and what are their names. A sign that i'm getting old as i can never remember all the names of my second cousins. But what i cherish most on these occassions are the photo opportunities that we have for the older members of the family. The missing faces of many loved ones today is a stark reminder for me to treasure the time we have left with so many of the family and more so, how important it is for me to try and scrap the photos of loved ones and to tell their story or the stories of events like today which we all enjoy and look forward to each year.

The scrap pages of such loved ones can be passed down to the younger members of the family who i am sure will treasure the photos and memories as well as the chance to get to know their elders albeit from created pages. I just hope that i am able to do this for my family and to do it well.

This is a picture of my grandfather at the 13th Annual Chua Trophy held on the 26th November 2006 and the inspiration for my blog today. The event was hosted by the family of Chua Kong Ann this year and the prizes for the tournament and lucky draw were fabulous (i-pod shuffle, home entertainment system, 2 mobile phones, digital camera, polaroid cameras, movie tickets, meal vouchers and more). Grand winner of the trophy this year was Uncle Adenan who has won it once before. 2nd place went to Uncle Brahim who has won the trophy twice before. 3rd place went to Sa-Chek (3rd uncle). My dad has also won the trophy twice and Tua-peh (eldest uncle) has won it once. So 7 wins out of 13 for my immediate family is a pretty good record i think and one that we are all so proud of!!