Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Card making

My son had a minor operation on Monday and i took 3 days off work to stay home and take care of him. While he slept most of the day there wasn't much to do and since we recently connected to e-speed at home, i spent most of that time on the net.

I finally had the time to go back to My Place ( at and explored it carefully. Did one other blog there (as this one had was not formed till later in the day) and uploaded the pictures i had taken of the cards i had made (yes...all 3 of them).

At the time of the making of the cards, i was really proud of the results but now when i look back at the photos of them, i'm beginning to have second thoughts. They look so simple...too simple actually and too plain. Now don't get me wrong, i am still proud that i actually made cards to give away (2 weddings and 1 thank you) and i did have a real good time doing them so no regrets there. The only drawback about card making is that you don't get to keep them in an album. You give them away and never see them again. So sometimes it's really hard to take out those precious (and usually expensive) scrapbook supplies to be used.

I try now to use my scraps for making such cards so as not to waste. And regardless of the fact that card making will eat into my supplies, i will continue to make them and will continue to give them away.