Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's been a looooong time...

...since i last blogged. No excuses really. Just been too lazy to upload pictures onto the blog and not really been scrapping. But I'm happy to say that I'm back in the game and in the past 2 weeks, managed to scrap 2.5 pages. The 0.5 page has hit a brick wall in terms of title and journaling placement so I'm taking a break from that now.

I've also recently joined a scrapping forum called Scrap n Crop along with Jazz, Yu'er, Panda and many more local and overseas scrappers. I've only started exploring it fully last night but I think its gonna be fun!!

But let's see, since mid-Feb, nothing much has been happening. I was in KL in the 1st week of March for a course. Came home with a Nintendo Wii which probably didn't help in motivating me to scrap. Hehe. This time in KL I managed to make my way to........


(sorry for the shoddy photos)

(Hehe look who I saw on the display window...someone who don't look so sleepless to me)

Unfortunately, I missed Shar by a couple of minutes. Darn!! We'll meet next time ya!! Needless to say shopping was fun. Tee hee.

I also received a LO of Jay from Edleen which you can check out here. It was for a photo swap that we did and I love it. I usually work in 12x12 format so I don't have a 8.5x11 album. But who cares I stuck it in Jay's big album anyway. Thanks loads Edleen. Love the LO and the little RAK that came with it!!

Last but not least, March was the month in which Jay started walking! Hooray. I was feeling that he's been a little bit behind in the development particular his teething. Haha. To date he only has 6 teeth (4 up and 2 down). But I guess all good things come slowly eh!! Oh but now he's starting to really get into things...including my scrapping stash. Erk!!

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