Saturday, December 06, 2008

Yup believe your eyes cos its a new post....finally

So yes i've been kinda out of it for awhile. Ok ok for a long while. Its just been a pretty crazy hectic past few months and the mojo for scrapping went away for quite some time.

So what have I been up to these last few months. Well, I've been traveling a lot. A heck of a lot actually. Singapore in July, KL twice in August, Hong Kong in September, Qatar and Singapore in October and soon to be Korea in 2 weeks time.

Hong Kong was a family holiday and we took the kids to Ocean Park and Disneyland. It was the start of the Halloween season there and probably not the best time to go with little kids in tow. Disneyland was actually scary instead of fun. LOL. And we didn't even get to go into the haunted house.

Tyler's breakfast at the Park

The most notable purchase we made in Hong Kong's Toys R Us became what is probably the most exciting toys the kids have had in a long time. I think The Hubby decided he needed his own army and voila....

Dart tags anyone?

The kids now call him 'Commander' and that title has stuck till now. Unbelievable!! LOL.

Qatar was for work. It my first time to the middle east. A good time to go as it was almost winter. Still hot and dusty but a more tolerable temperature than in the summer. Yup it actually gets cold in Qatar for about 2 months in Dec and Jan (about 7 degrees). The only thing that sucked was the super long transits in Dubai airport which is the most un-interesting airport. It was packed full of people sleeping everywhere. And when I say everywhere, it was quite literally everywhere in the lounge areas. They were under the chairs, behind pillars, right on the walkway itself, all huddled under thin blankets and some using their slippers as pillows. As far as I could tell, most were migrant workers from India and Bangladesh. I guess their flight connections were far worse than ours.

A street scene in Doha, Qatar (mind you the stretch Hummer was an unusual sight)

Ty has since finished his last year at Jigsaw Playschool. He'll be moving to a new school for KG2. His year ended with a fabulous performance at his school concert. I say fabulous because he gets stage fright just like me. At last year's concert, he did not make it up onto the stage as he threw up just as the concert was starting. This year, he got nervous at home and could not swallow his dinner. But with great encouragement we got him to there and stayed with him till stage time and he was FABULOUS!! It was a Bollywood dance and he did all the moves perfect!! I quite literally had tears in my eyes...hehe yes i get really emotional like that.

Ty, my Bollywood prince

Whew, what a long post already - but don't worry we're almost caught up. Onto the scrapping scene, I got made DT at this place. The first time I ever tried out to be a DT. So far, we've had 3 challenges and I've done 2 LOs and a card challenge there. The latest challenge is up and ready and it is to create a LO without using the standard square shape. Circles, ovals, rectangles are ok but not a 12x12 LO. Go ahead and check it out here.

The first Challenge for October 2008

The second challenge for November 2008 in conjunction with Card Making Day

The third challenge for December 2008

Also, Shabby Chic has been having its 2nd Anniversary Sale - 30% off and the last day is tomorrow!! So all you scrappers out there who still think you do not have enough supplies, you'd better haul ass there. I've already just been...again!!! Hee. As part of their celebrations, Shabby brought over their 2 DTs from Singapore and together with this fabulous gal, they organised a Crop Party (which i managed to attend) and lots of great classes (which I couldn't attend for reasons seen below). We had lots of fun with games and prizes.

Shabby Chic's Crop Party 2008

The Altered Mirror we created with DT Sharon's help

Sadly I couldn't attend any of Shabby's classes cos I was...camping!! Yes I actually slept in a tent on hard solid ground at the beach with no running water and no electricity. Those who know me are probably rolling on the ground in laughter. I'm probably the most anti-mosquito, anti-sand-fly and generally anti-insects person ever (including but not limited to ants, cicadas, worms, hermit crabs, anything that flies really) plus heat averse too due to my chronic eczema. But I'm proud to say I managed (again as this was the 2nd time we've done this) armed of course with my battery operated fans (I had 2 of them) and a bottle of insect repellent which was always in my pocket. And guess what, I always have fun!! Hee.

Guess which tent I was in?

If you made it this far then I salute and thank you for being such an avid reader. Till next time (don't worry the next post won't be too delayed...I hope!)


Ruey said...

Yay....she blogs!!!

Wow you have been so busy with work! No wonder no time to blog!!! Your creations are absolutely gorgeous. I have missed seeing them! We are definately in the same anti bug club. Kudos to you for camping! I haven't been in years and there has been chatter in our group about a camping trip and I hope it's just 'talk'.

Jasmin said...

Woohoo!! You've updated your blog!! After almost exactly half a year. No worries...perfectly understand. Anyway, I think I kinda guess which tent you were in! hee hee!

Rozi said...

Haha, finally Ade, now we know ;-)

{ Yu'er } said...

Hei, I guess I came right on time! Glad you blog again!!!! and...hope more to come!